Summer Show Entry


Entries should be submitted by Thursday 1st August.

Cost of entries is:
Members: 20p per entry | Non-members: 40p per entry | Children: Free
(Late entries, if accepted: 50p)

To submit your entries, either:
a) download the entry form (Word version: SHOW ENTRY FORM 2019) and email (or hand-deliver) to one of: Mrs Tate-Harte, Mrs Newman, Mr Dunton (see Committee page for contact details); OR
b) use the online form below – tick the classes that you’d like to enter, then fill in your details and click ‘Send’…

Entry classes

Section 1 - Vegetables

Section 2 - Flowers




Summer Flowers

Section 3 - Floral Art

Section 4 - Domestic

Section 5 - Photography

Section 6 - Handicrafts

Section 7 - Childrens (up to 11 years)

Membership Status

Member: at least 1 year;    New Member: under 1 year;    Non Member: not yet a member

MemberNew MemberNon Member


When you have finished your entries above, provide your contact details below and click 'Send'.

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I accept the Partridge Green Horticultural Society Show Rules and agree to pay the necessary entrance fee (free entry for children's classes) on or before the day of the show (Required) [You can't enter until you've agreed to the Show Rules]    

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