Show Rules


Word version: SHOW RULES


  1. The show will be open to all gardeners who maintain a garden or grow plants, flowers, fruit or vegetables for pleasure and enjoyment and not solely for his or her livelihood. The Spring Show, if held, is for members only.
  2. No person may make more than one entry in any one class.
  3. Vases can be provided if required, but exhibitors may provide their own dishes and vases.
  4. All exhibits must be as per the schedule.
  5. Prizes shall be awarded at the discretion of the judges. In all classes the judges shall have the power to withhold the first prize altogether from any exhibit that is in their opinion unworthy of a first prize and likewise for second and third prizes. The judges’ decision is final.
  6. The hall will be open at 9.00am on the day of the show. Doors close at 10:25am and all exhibits must be staged by 10:30am, when the hall will be cleared for judging.
  7. No exhibit shall be removed before the presentation of prizes has been made.
  8. Any exhibit not claimed by 4.15pm will be sold by auction and proceeds paid to the Society.
  9. Prizes: Points awarded per class are First – 5 points, Second – 3 points and Third – 1 point.
  10. All horticultural exhibits will be judged according to the rules of the Society.
  11. While the committee will take every possible care of exhibits, they will not be responsible for any loss or damage.
  12. Each exhibit must be the bona-fide property of the exhibitor and must have been grown or made by the exhibitor or in their possession at least three months prior to the date of the show. All exhibitors shall sign a declaration to this effect if required to do so. The committee reserve the right to inspect an exhibitor’s garden before or after the show. This does not apply to Floral Art unless otherwise stated.
  13. NOVICE CLASSES are open to exhibitors who have NOT already won a first prize in that particular section in any previous show promoted by this Society.
  14. Any complaint about an exhibit must be brought to the Chairman before 3.30pm on the day of the show.
  15. All cups and awards are challenge trophies and may not be won outright except for the Special Awards.
  16. Special Awards will be awarded, one for each section in the show, judged as the best exhibit in that section. Best in Show will be judged from these awards.
  17. In the Rose classes the definition of the term “cluster flowered” includes modern shrub roses of all kinds including climbers and ramblers.
  18. Where plant pot size is stipulated the diameter is to be measured internally just below collar.
  19. The West Grinstead Cup is for the member gaining the most points. This cup is restricted to members living in the parish of West Grinstead and the presentation will be made at the A.G.M. in November. Once won, it cannot be won again in the following two years.
  20. The Non Member Award is for the non member gaining the most points. This cup is restricted to non members. Winning this award grants a free year-long membership to the society. Once won, this award cannot be won again.
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