Jan 122018

Help us to improve our gardening blog!

Do you have a minute to spare to provide feedback on a gardening blog? We are three sisters who write at  The3Growbags.com every fortnight and we are looking for the opinion of gardeners on how it could be improved. Anyone who does our short survey by the end of the month and likes the blog enough to subscribe (it’s free now and forever) will be eligible to win a £30 online voucher to spend on Sarah Raven’s website.

The first step is to visit our website here: the3growbags.com

And then follow the link to the survey, which is at the end of the top blog piece which features a lovely photo of a mecanopsis, or you can go direct via this link.

Many thanks!
Caroline Rham, Laura Warren and Elaine Fraser-Gausden
aka: the3growbags
 Posted by at 5:49 pm

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