Apr 282019


Above pictured was The Horticultural Society’s contribution to St George’s Parish Flower Festival held on 27th and 28th April. The theme was ‘Music in Bloom’ The arrangement entitled ‘All that Jazz’ was done by Libby Tate-Harte and Yvonne Newman.

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Apr 262019

As this photo illustrates, this was a very popular evening presentation when in excess of 100 people turned up at the Village Hall to listen to Jason Emrich, Estate Manager, & Penny Green, Estate Ecologist, talk about their conservation project. This is now one of the most successful wildlife conservation projects in the UK having reintroduced many rare species, including turtle doves and Purple Emperor butterflies.  Find out more here!

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Apr 262019

Instructions for: Class 26 The heaviest root of potatoes in a bag class at the Summer Show (August 3rd 2019)

Planting the Potato

  • 1/3 fill the bag with multipurpose compost (a standard Grow Bag will easily contain enough compost to do one bag with some spare)
  • Add an egg cup of fertiliser and mix thoroughly (potato is a stem tuber so all potatoes will be produced above the original seed)
  • Nestle the potato on the fertilised compost with the chits uppermost (it is usual to reduce the chits to two in order to encourage strong haulm (leaf) growth. Leaving all the chits on may result in more, but smaller potatoes)
  • Top the bag up with multi-purpose compost (no additional fertiliser need be added to the ‘top up’ compost

Placing the Bag

  • Dig a hole (or trench if more than one bag) four inches  deep and twelve inches wide
  • Fork potato fertiliser into the base of the hole/trench (about the same amount as you used in the bag, slug pellets can be sprinkled in the trench if slugs are a problem)
  • Place the prepared bag in the hole/trench and pull the excavated soil around the bag (pulling the soil around will ensure the roots are kept cool)
  • Water well, both in and around the bag.
  • Subsequent watering needs to be both in and outside of the bag (this is to ensure roots are teased out of the bag and into the fertilised trench)
  • There should be no need, but if the potatoes show through before we are frost free protection will be required (ordinary fleece will be fine)
  • It is a good idea to support the haulms to keep them growing upwards (this helps the potato grow and keeps the area around the root clear of leaf debris and slugs)

Bringing the Bag to the Show

  • Cut the haulms off about an inch from the surface, carefully lift the bag out of the trench wipe the bag clean and bring the whole thing to the show.
  • The show organisers will tip the potatoes out and weigh them.

        Good Luck!

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Summer Show 2018

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Aug 152018

Thank you all for a spectacular show this year! Despite the challenging weather conditions this summer, the displays were outstanding.


To see this year’s deserving winners click here!

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Help improve a gardening blog – and maybe win £30!

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Jan 122018

Help us to improve our gardening blog!

Do you have a minute to spare to provide feedback on a gardening blog? We are three sisters who write at  The3Growbags.com every fortnight and we are looking for the opinion of gardeners on how it could be improved. Anyone who does our short survey by the end of the month and likes the blog enough to subscribe (it’s free now and forever) will be eligible to win a £30 online voucher to spend on Sarah Raven’s website.

The first step is to visit our website here: the3growbags.com

And then follow the link to the survey, which is at the end of the top blog piece which features a lovely photo of a mecanopsis, or you can go direct via this link.

Many thanks!
Caroline Rham, Laura Warren and Elaine Fraser-Gausden
aka: the3growbags
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